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Persistent Highlight Sets in Relativity

You can create a persistent highlight set in Relativity under the Case Admin parent tab. Click on 'New Persistent Highlight set'

Enter terms on separate lines. Wildcard searches are permitted but do not use the Boolean operators AND and OR. You can precede the search terms with two numbers separated by a semi-colon. The first number represents the background color, and the second number designates the text of the term within the highlighted box. See the color code chart at the bottom of this post.

So we can see in this example our search term appears in a blue box with red text. You jump between terms by clicking on the A icons with the left and right rows on the toolbar above the text viewer.

Default] 0 Black 1 Dark red 2 Dark green 3 Dark yellow 4

Dark blue 5 Dark magenta 6 Dark cyan 7 Light gray 8 Gray 9 Red 10 Green 11 Yellow 12 Blue 13 Magenta 14 Cyan 15 White 16

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