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Relativity Bandwidth Tester

In the Document Viewer in Relativity, below to the right of the document image you'll find a little utility you can use to test the bandwidth strength of your network connection.

The little icon used to launch the bandwidth tester looks like a computer screen with a lightning bolt on the left side.

It can perform both latency tests and download tests. A latency test measures the time in milliseconds it takes for a byte to reach its destination on the network. A download test will measure how data gets transferred per second. You can choose specified payload size between 1 MB and 100 MB, and you can opt to perform between 1 and 10 tests, to come up with an average.

A latency test is similar to a ping test, but a ping test measures the roundtrip speed for a packet to travel from sending computer to another computer across a network. [A packet can contain range of a different number of bytes. See the June 16, 2016 Tip of the Night.] Latency speeds can vary based on the distance between a user and a server, the operating systems being used, and overhead protocol [the routing information aside from the actual message.] You can choose to perform anywhere between 1 and 500 latency tests. A latency speed of less than 100 milliseconds is usually considered sufficient.

So to be clear, the latency test is how long it takes a packet to travel from the source to the destination, but a download test is how much data can be transferred in a second.

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