Copying files with PowerShell

Copying files with PowerShell

August 30, 2016

Some simple PowerShell commands will let you securely copy individual files in PowerShell.  Enter command Copy--Item followed by the source file path and '-destination' followed by the path of the folder you are copying the file to.  See this example:


Copy-Item c:\FooFolder\hiddenlist.txt -destination c:\backup



If you want to copy a folder and all of the subfolders inside it you can add the switch -recurse to the end.  Adding the switch -force will allow for any existing files to be overwritten.  So if we enter this PowerShell script:

 copy-item -path "C:\foofolder2" -destination "c:\backup" -recurse



. . . this folder:



. . .will be fully copied here:




See the site, Life of a Geek Admin, for more info.




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