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Run a fuzzy search in Relativity

Follow these steps to run a fuzzy search in Relativity 9.3 using the New Doc List format.

1. In the Search Panel, click 'Add Condition' and then select (Index Search).

2. In the Index Search box, choose dtSearch as the Index. Click on the link that then appears for the 'Dictionary'.

3. In the Dictionary Search dialog box enter the stem of your search term followed by a few percentage signs. E.g., "and%%%", and click search.

4. Check off the results that are matches for what you're looking for and then click 'Copy Selected Keywords'

A new window will open with the selected words separated by a Boolean operator:

Close out of the windows, and then paste the Boolean search in the (Index Search) window

Apply, and then don't forget to click 'Run Search'!

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