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Finding the color pages in a PDF

If you need help finding the pages in a PDF which contain RGB color, install the Quite a Box of Tricks plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, which is available at this site, . There is a demo version available, and a license costs $205. You may need to help the software locate your Adobe plug-in folder upon install.

When it installs successfully, it should show up in the Plug-Ins folder for Acrobat:

As the name implies, Quite a Box of Tricks, has several features. Click on the Info tab to access the tool which will help you find color pages:

As you can see, this plug-in also gives you the option to search for the largest image in a PDF. Choose the radio button for 'Search for RGB (or Lab) colour images in the document."

By click Next, you'll be able to jump to the pages with color images on them. Color text may be ignored.

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