Exterro's Simplified E-Discovery Case Law Database

Exterro's Simplified E-Discovery Case Law Database

June 30, 2016

There is now an interesting alternative to K&L Gates well-known database of electronic discovery case law, which was the tip of the night for June 14, 2015,    Exterro has posted "The Simplified E-Discovery Case Law Library" ,  at http://www.exterro.com/case-law-library/  .    Exterro profiles notable cases on the home page for the Library, and also provides subgroups of case on key topics:


Recent Case Law

New Data Types




Exterro's case summaries are very short, and have an appealing format.   The summaries begin with a one or two sentence description of why the decision is important.    This is followed by an overview of the facts and then a list of the key rulings in the case. 




Beware however - this is not the extensive resource that K&L Gates' database is.    There are no summaries at all for key cases such as Zubulake v. UBS Warburg  and Da Silva Moore v. Publicis Group .   When you search for 'predictive coding' only the In re: Biomet M2a Hip Implant Prods.  decision comes up.   Nothing is returned for 'technology assisted review' at all.  There does however seem to be a large number of profiles of decisions issued this year in the post-FRCP amendment period.




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