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Searching for multiple Strings in a Driven One Database

Those of you using Driven's ONE document database may want to know how to search for multiple strings in any one field in the database. The menus in the software don't make this entirely clear. If you want, for example, to search for a long list of Bates numbers these are the steps you should take.

1. Go to Search . . . Advanced Search.

2. In the Field Type menu select Metadata and then choose the Field Name you want to search in.

3. In the Operation field select 'In' , and then in the Value field press F2.

4. A new dialog box entitled, 'Get the Data' will open. At the bottom click Select File. You now want to browse to a text file you previously created with just the strings you want to search for separated only with line breaks.

5. Your search terms will load. Now just click Save (F10).

6. The terms will be loaded in the first line of Advanced Search. Now all you need to do is to click 'Execute' to get your documents in the results.


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