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Lexis LAW PreDiscovery - Importing ESI

If you try to import files into LAW which are at a path containing more than 260 characters, LAW will copy the files to a temporary location so they can be processed.

In LAW, you can get detailed lists of file types used by different operatings systems (Windows, MAC, Linux, even Atari!), different file categories (graphic, database, etc.), and those used by common applications (such as Adobe Acrobat, MS Outlook, Corel WordPerfect et al.) Go to File . . . Import . . . Electronic Discovery , then Tools . . . File Type Manager. You'll see different groups in the menu to the left, which can be export to an Access database by going to File . . . Save as.

By default LAW supports importing ESI from archive files such WinZip, 7Zip, and RAR files, and will automatically extract the contents of these files. It can also handle compound documents - so for example it will extract an Excel spreadsheet embedded in Word document.

LAW contains a Auto Assign Suspect Extensions module that will ressign extensions in the case of files with extensions that don't match their actual file type. This should save you the trouble of having to identify files using a Hex Editor.

When performing de-NISTing (the removal of system files) LAW makes reference to SHA-1 hash values from a database of the National Institute of Standards and Technology - it doesn't just make reference to file extensions.

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