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Compare and Visualize Files

This night's tip comes from the site of Jesse Kornblum, as it did back on December 28, 2015. He has custom programs which allow you to compare the size of different files and also generate bitmaps. Download the filecompare and colorize programs on this web page, .

The programs work by comparing files with differences that were made 'in place', not for a different version of a file in which changes have been made with insertions or deletions.

Once you have downloaded the two executables to a folder, you just need to press SHIFT + CTRL in that folder, right click and select 'Open command window here'.

Just enter a commands such as

filecompare lorem.txt lorem-edit.txt > edit2.dat

colorize edit2.dat

. . . as shown in Fig. 1.

. . . a bitmap file will be generated like the one shown here in Fig. 2.

. . . .showing differences in the two examined files.


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