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Screen Swap Hot Key

The FN key is next to the CTRL key on a laptop. If you press FN + F8, and you have a secondary monitor or projector connected, the laptop should display options to

1. Display the laptop screen only

2. Show a duplicate image on the laptop screen and the projector

3. Extend the desktop across the laptop screen and the projector

4. Display an image only through the projector

The function key that you need to press varies on different manufacturers’ laptop. A Dell uses F8. A Toshiba uses F5. Look for icons on the function keys.

If you’re using PowerPoint, you want to choose the third option. Go to the SlideShow tab, click on ‘Set Up Slide Show’, and then choose Display slide show on, ‘secondary monitor’ or whatever the reference to the projector is that is different from ‘Primary Monitor’. When you press F5, the slide show will be shown on the projector, but you’ll still be able to work in PowerPoint. You can look at your presentation in edit mode and decide if you want to show a slide out of order. To do this, move the cursor over the slide being presented, click on it, press the number of the slide you want to show, and press enter. You can edit slides while the presentation is taking place.

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