Edit Links in MS Word Field Codes

Edit Links in MS Word Field Codes

October 28, 2015

On the night  of May 25,  I described how to use a macro in MS Word to automatically insert hyperlinks.   When done this way the links are listed in field codes.   See figures 1 and 2 below.  The field codes can be toggled on and off by pressing ALT + F9.   If you need to redirect the links (for example, if your links are directed to a network folder and need to be changed to be active on the local drive of an attorney's laptop while she's offline), you can find and replace the file paths in the field codes.    See Fig. 3 below.  Note that you need to add in double backslashes between folders in the file path.


Before moving on you should confirm that this actually works.  I have seen field codes updated perfectly well using this simple find and replace method, but I have also seen (in the same version of Word, with links added with the same macro) the field codes get updated, but the actual hyperlinks remain the same.  If this happens use this macro (from Jay Freedman here ) instead:


Sub ReplaceHyperlinks()
     Dim HL As Hyperlink
     Dim target As String
     Dim repl As String

    target = InputBox("Find address", "Replace Hyperlink")
     If Len(target) = 0 Then Exit Sub

    repl = InputBox("Replace address", "Replace Hyperlink")
     If Len(repl) = 0 Then Exit Sub

    For Each HL In ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks
         With HL
             If InStr(LCase(.Address), LCase(target)) _
             Or InStr(LCase(.TextToDisplay), LCase(target)) Then
                 .Address = Replace(.Address, target, repl)
                 .TextToDisplay = Replace(.TextToDisplay, target, repl)
                 .ScreenTip = Replace(.ScreenTip, target, repl)
             End If
         End With
 End Sub


Just insert it as is in a new module and run it.  It will prompt you for the file path you want to replace, and then ask you again to input the file path you want to insert.   See Figure 4 below.  This will successfully update both the field codes and the hyperlinks. 







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