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PosteRazor for Your Blowups

If you're preparing courtroom demonstratives you should really engage a graphcis specialist to help you mount diagrams or talking points on foamcore. (Sometimes demonstratives get mounted on gatorboard which won't warp over time like foamcore, and tends to be more sturdy in general.) However if you'd like to print-out an oversize graphic in the office on short notice, or perhaps to craft makeshift visual aids that don't need to be used in a formal setting, you might want to consider PosteRazor, available for download here: . PosteRazor allows jpegs, bitmaps, and other graphic files to be printed on multiple pages. If you're an old dopey American like me, be sure to click the settings option in the first stage of the wizard and set the measure length to inches. Then browse to the image you're processing. I think the best approach is to set the margins and the overlapping size to zero, and the paste pages on a flat surface. PosteRazor will allow you adjust the size of complete graphic or pick how many pages you want it printed on. At the end it will generate a PDF file that you can then simply send to the printer.

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