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E-Discovery Software in October 2015 as per Gartner

This month Gartner released a new report ranking the major e-discovery software providers on the basis of Legal Review (the right side of the EDRM); Data Collection, Preservation & ECA (the left side of the EDRM); and the overall EDRM process. The report is available on FTI's site at, . FTI's Ringtail and Document Mapper applications got it ranked number 1 in Legal Review. The report makes 5 key findings:

1. Organizations invest in multiple e-discovery tools.

2. There are still a large number of first time buyers of e-discovery software.

3. Collecting and preserving new data types is not something that current software does well.

4. E-discovery costs are most effectively lowered by software that drives down data volume and improves defensibility.

5. Microsoft's Office 365 capabilities for e-discovery are very effective.

ZyLAB, HP and FTI rank 1, 2, and 3 for the overall EDRM process. IBM (Atlas), HP, and ZyLAB were highest ranked for data collection, preservation and ECA. FTI, kCura and ZyLAB were the best for legal review. Driven, Commvault, and Microsoft's products tended to rank poorly, and Lexis preDiscovery received only mediocre reviews. However for more specific tasks, it was FTK and EnCase that were best for forensics, Nuix and Lexis preDiscovery were best for processing; Nuix and Catalyst for scaling their services to handle large amounts of data; IBM and Recommind for predictive coding; Exterro and IBM for legal holds; and kCura and FTI for review.

The report is a good overview of the major e-discovery vendors out there and what they offer, providing a brief synopsis of each. Note that AccessData's FTK tends to dominate the market for criminal investigations; kCura has a 'Binders' app for iPad that helps users organize and annotate documents; Microsoft acquired Equivio in 2015 which can be used in Office 365; Symantec is splitting into two different business - Veritas (the e-discovery part) and Symantec; while more than 80% of Symantec's clients are business, almost two-thirds of Lexis's costumers are law firms.

The report was limited to e-discovery vendors generating more than $20M in annual revenue.

Download it today!

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