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Take Refuge from your Word Problems at the Anchorage

A former officer of the United States Navy has done created a wide range of macros for MS Word which are available at, Particulary useful is a the macro which allows you to find and replace a long list of terms in any Word document. While there are a lot of great resources on this site, I highly recommend installing the VBA Find and Replace add-in, available at:

Download the .dot file Maxey makes available on this page. In MS Word 2010, go to File . . . Options . . . Advanced . . . File Locations . . . Startup and find the location of the startup folder for Word, and copy the .dot file there.

Now the next time you start Word you'll find on the Add-ins tab an option for VBA Find and Replace. Click on this option and a new window will open that will allow you to upload a list of terms to find and replace. You just need to make a simple list of the terms in an Excel file - the terms to search for in the first column and the terms they should be replaced with in column B. Choose 'a predefined Excel list', and then select the Excel file and click 'Execute'. Your Word document will be updated.

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