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Find Out Who Is Using Your Words

Some of you may have noticed an article in the New York Times this past Thursday noting that the opinions of Supreme Court Justice Thomas often re-use phrases and sentences from briefs filed with the court. The article states that, "Mr. Feldman conducted an extensive analysis of overlapping language, using anti-plagiarism software to detect similar wording in briefs and opinions from 1946 to 2014. The study and related findings were based on almost 10,000 briefs and looked for passages of at least six words with an overlap of at least 80 percent." The software that the conductor of the study, Adam Feldman, used is WCopyfind, which can be downloaded for free at: .

WCopyfind will automatically detect which statements used in one document also appear in other documents that the user selects. It includes settings which ignore numbers, punctuation, and numbers in the review. Load pdfs of the documents which are the possible sources of statements and then the document you want to analyze. Very quickly a comparison will be generated highlighting the copied passages. See the demonstration posted at:

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