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E-Discovery Mega Billions

Don't miss this Bloomberg article (mentioned on the ACEDS site today) on the size of the e-discovery market. . Gartner estimates the world software market to be $1.8 billion and estimates that it grew 10% in 2014. A research group named Markets and Markets estimated the size of the international e-discovery software and services market to be 7 billion and projected that it would double in the next five years. See: The report provides detailed information on e-discovery in different market sectors, and profiles some of the e-discovery leaders. It is however prohibitively expensive to purchase. Robert Hilson, of Logikull made some calculations to come up with an estimate of the overall cost of e-discovery in the U.S., excluding preservation, to be $41.2 billion. See: . HIlson's estimate is based on the assumption that about 60% of federal and states cases involve disovery, and the average cost of discovery in each case is $35,000.

George Socha, the founder of the EDRM, dismisses all of these estimates as wild guesses, having abandoned his own past efforts to estimate the size of the market.

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