Powershell to Print PDFs

The below powershell script can be used to print out PDF files:

Start-Process -FilePath "I:\Litigation Support\Electronic Discovery\2d Circuit Decision re_ Electronic Reviews Following Seizure.pdf” –Verb Print -PassThru | %{sleep 10;$_} | kill Start-Process -FilePath “I:\Litigation Support\Electronic Discovery\ACEDS 4 Corners of EDiscovery Pricing.pdf” –Verb Print -PassThru | %{sleep 10;$_} | kill Start-Process -FilePath “I:\Litigation Support\Electronic Discovery\Alternate Forms of ESI.pdf” –Verb Print -PassThru | %{sleep 10;$_} | kill

The source of the script is this site:

It's necessary to adjust the sleep seconds to a higher amount for long documents.

When making multiple copies set the printing prefences in Windows for x number of copies. This will work faster than using multiple lines in powershell.


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